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The most popular because of rum, salsa, classic cars and cigar Cuba has considered one of the tops enlighten country throughout North America. Having the most wonderful hangouts such as idyllic islands with its gorgeous beaches, lush green vegetation that enhances the beauty of the country, wonderful national parks, fabulous ancient structures and beautiful villages Cuba is the most visited spot in Caribbean region. When it comes to food festivity Cuba offers absolutely fantastic cuisine taste local as well international. If you are history lover then Cuba is the most ideal place to know the hidden facts of ancient realms because of existing some of the incredible museums which exhibit the old testimonials through the relics, that’s why the plenty of history lovers get flights to Cuba to remove the veil. Moreover, many of cathedrals offer the several pilgrimage sites where the number of pilgrims concentrates to pray as well as to pay the great tribute to Christ. Additionally, the five stars hotels attract the tourists from all corner of the world making the consults where they join the most famous musicians, poets, and celebrities. However, if you are dreaming to visit Cuba’s remarkable destinations but having no decision what places should be kept in bucket-list, so here we have the best compilation of highly recommended hangouts from the explorers regarding tourism industry which obviously can be proved the best experience. Don’t be hesitate and just grab the cheap flights to Cuba and reach with full of satisfactory. Let’s know the best destinations in Cuba.


The capital of Cuba the Havana is home to rich culture, architecture, tradition, natural landscapes, and historical monuments. With 15 different districts, the country offers the must-see neighborhoods such as Plaza de la Revolucion, Playa, Habana del Estate, Centro Habana and many more. The Old-Havana that is considered one the best UNESCO World Heritage Site offers diverse cultural activities, art galleries through the museums the much entertainment by theaters and ancient relics from the stunning castles. Plenty of sightseers get flights to Cuba to visit its remarkable destination to make sure their best experience.


If you have much interest in antiquity, so the Trinidad is the best option to know the ancient monarchies, because it has well-preserved colonial architecture featuring known as Plaza Mayor de la Santisima Trinidad jam-packed of past. The great museum that is famed for the Museum of the War Against the Bandits recalls the blood-spattered. To come back from bloody imagination you must go ahead to handicrafts souvenirs from the Plaza Mayor where you can buy the most popular items such as hand-sewn tablecloths and napkin linens to gift someone near and dear. However, an ample amount of travelers hire cheap flights to Cuba to visit the old city’s hangouts.


I talk about Cuba and not mention the authentic Cuba cigar it means have not a comprehensive description of Cuba. Yes, the Vinales has great significance as it is home to the tobacco that manufactures the Cuban cigars. Diverse caves offer the adventure for the daring travelers who have keen interest to explore such horrors haunts. The Cuevas del Indio caves are the major dismay experience which cannot explore without taking a boat. The lush vegetation presents the eye-catching views which compel the tourists to get flights to Cuba to visit such an outstanding destination again and again. 

Santiago de Cuba 

Santiago de Cuba is located in the coastline of eastern Cuba. The city has big colonial times gone by and it was given the name as Heroic City in the Caribbean region, due to getting the independence from Spain to check to autocrat Batista. So, it is very easy to realize that obviously the city would be the rich historic and off-course Museo de la Lucha Clandestina is its major feature where history lovers can get to know the gory times. Since it is the city of rich culture and artistic center, so many of festivals are celebrated in which Fiesta del Fuego is the most prominent that is celebrated each July. If you want to know the old testimonial as well as participate such amazing festival then just clutch the cheap flights to Cuba and reach the Santiago de Cuba’s noteworthy spots to make the certain experience as well. 

Cayo Largo del Sur

One of the uninhabited island in the Canarreos Archipelago throughout the Caribbean is the Cayo Largo del Sur that offers long white sandy beaches and clear crystal water. You can also hire scooter or jeep to wander the whole island and you can see the one and only El Pueblito village on this island. There is a turtle farm which attracts the large quantity of the people by showing the variety of sea turtles. Several mouth-watered restaurants offer the tasty seafood and cafes eliminate the tropical thirst with different flavors. If you get a flight to Cuba to visit such a magnificent place, so don’t catch the starfish, coral or any other water species as it is illegal.

Santa Clara

Located in central Cuba the Santa Clara is Cuba’s most revolutionary city, because of liberated the city from Spain dominance the well-known figure named Che Guevara fought against the Batista. The great Mausoleum of great fighter lies on the west side of the city. Many past lovers visit such a magnificent destination where they not only know to the war realms but also pay the great tribute to their savior. There is also a museum known as Museo Historico de la Revolution which further adds the knowledge of history and his life realities through the artifacts. If you are dreaming to visit such outstanding destination but a just little bit confused because of expensive rates of flights, so you are not supposed to worry as there are many cheap flights to Cuba which fulfill your visiting desire.

Caguanes National Park

Caguanes National Park is one of the wonderful national parks in Cuba. Mostly known as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve the Caguanes National Park is the idyllic spot for both eco as well as adventure tourism. You can easily access the stunning park from central Atlantic that is remained the best way. Plenty of wildlife sanctuary and bird population have been recorded there. Additionally, the several plant species including flora & fauna are founded in the park which is the best exploration of tourists. Caguanes National Park also offers several other fun & activities such as snorkeling from the reefs, swimming and scuba diving. If you are interested to visit Cuba so you must not miss such an incredible place where you can have maximum entertainment and the destination can be proved the best experience in your whole life. However, just grab the flights to Cuba and land with shrieking sound to see the noteworthy sightseeing trails. 

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