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When it comes to what peninsula has countless islands? the Bahamas first comes in mind. Because of having more than 700 islets the Bahamas is highly appreciated from beach lovers. Being an ideal archipelago from honeymooners it has become the most visited place throughout the Caribbean where plenty of married couples draw their attention by getting flights to Bahamas to spend their vacations. Located across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea the Bahamas once was the haven of pirates that now has been replaced into the hub of rich entertainment spots such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and surfing etc. Moreover, the stunning villages with traditional festivals attract the vast number of tourists from all over the world. If you want to make sure your beaches experience but a just little bit confused what the best islets ought to choose, so we have compiled some of the best recommendations from the explorers which you must keep in your bucket list. As well as Bahamas offers the luxurious lodges on very low-price it also associates the cheap flights to Bahamas particularly regarding tourism industry. Let’s see and study what are the finest choices to visit in Bahamas?

Atlantis Paradise Island 

This salmon-pick resort entertains the day tripper a lot with it stunning complex such as aquarium, waterpark, mouth-watered restaurants, gorgeous cafes and deluxe accommodative lodges to spend the nightlife. If you are not expert in surfing then Lazy River Ride makes sure your surfing experience as well. There is variety of marine life such as swordfish, hammerhead sharks and many more display the wonderful scenes from the most beautiful reefs. If you get an opportunity to visit such outstanding spot by engaging the flights to Bahamas, so you would be the lucky one.


I talk about to the fishing hub in throughout the Bahamas, so the Bimini becomes the most prominent because of having three secluded islands. Being a very close to the Florida, however the amply travelers particularly from America move towards its gorgeous islands to make fun and activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, boating, fishing  and basking etc. O-yes forgetting, there are various shipwrecks in which SS Sapona is the most popular shipwreck that sank in 1926 in the Caribbean Sea, fascinates the divers to explore. Moreover, Bimini is the home which reflects the great novel The Old Man and the Sea. 

Andros Island

If you have not seen the largest island, so the Andros is really recognized being a major island of Bahamas. Having the biggest reef more than 190-miles long and in-depth more than 600 feet there are several corals with a number of colorful marine life mesmerizes to the snorkelers a lot. Known as the bonefishing capital of the world, Andros Island is the most visited destination in Bahamas. If you want to make sure your best experience to see such sightseeing trails, then just grab the cheap flights to Bahamas where you will fulfill your desires as well. 


No doubt cruise ship ports play the vital role in the Bahamas as well as the whole Caribbean topography. Nassau is one of them that delivers some most beautiful structures where the voyagers can experience of historical monuments. Nassau Straw Market, Blue Lagoon Island, Ardastra Garden, Zoo, Conservation Center and Paradise Island are its attractive highlights which offer a lot of fun and recreational activities. If you are interested to see such multi-recreational hangouts, so grab the flights to Bahamas to make your certain experience.

Harbour Island

Being a part of Eleuthera the Harbour Island is specifically considered the island of romance where several honeymooners come to spend the best nightlife. Three miles long isle is home to tiny foraminifera red-shell creatures that gives the sand its rosy hue. Dunmore Town that once was the capital of Bahamas presents the picturesque of Georgian architectures consisting of pastel-hued structures, white picket fences, and bougainvillea-draped door frames. Providing a laid-back atmosphere the island has become the most visited spot that’s why a massive amount of tourists get cheap flights to Bahamas to spend their memorable time.


Eleuthera is one of the oldest island in the history of Bahamas in which first English settlers arrived in 1648. These British Loyalists had left their traditions, cultures and festivals which still highly appreciated from the explorers as well as history lovers. This is the fourth most populated island with approximately 11,000 inhabitant, who have fishing and farming hobbies to survive. Pineapples plantations further develop the whole territory. The ancient island has gorgeous resorts, massive coral reefs and breathtaking sites where you can have some of unique experience. White sandy beaches bid various activities of basking, fishing, kayaking and soaking. There is great temptation can be seen everywhere. Adequate beach lovers concentrate towards such striking very long island by getting flight to Bahamas to live up their aspirations.

Cat Island

If you want to see Bahamas most beautiful and most visited island then the Cat Island is the best option to visit. Such magnificent island is considered the high-rank in islets tourism industry because of offering the pink-sandy beaches where you can find outstanding diving spots. Its main feature is Boiling Hole that causes mysterious burps and bubbles, where you can experience of baby sharks, rays and variety of bird that are nested along the mangroves. The island also tenders some of wonderful cathedrals where gigantic volumes of pilgrims pay the great tribute to the Christ. In addition, a lot of old testimonials imitate the great ancient relics, and if you are history lovers then just grab the cheap flights to Bahamas to know the secrets realities of such remarkable dwellings.

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